Plan B

Simply put, there’s no reason for a Plan B because it will distract you from your Plan A. It is imperative that we trust GOD through our process. This is a lesson that I have learned and have come to appreciate what it teaches. For as long as I can remember I have always been a serial entrepreneur and at times have had a Plan B. What I have realized is that every opportunity was leading me to the next and preparing me. Of course when you are in it you often times can’t see that, you think this is it, this is my big break! This is where having a great attitude will prove to serve you well as you trust GOD through the process. I am so grateful for the gift of encouragement it has kept me when my emotions would have ruined things for me and has allowed me to see that quote “your attitude determines your latitude” come to life.

As I am walking my life out I am seeing doors open in ways I never would have imagined. I can see GOD aligning things up as I stay true to Plan A. Plan A for me is seeking GOD first and yielding to HIS will for my life and that includes walking in my own natural flow, being the salt of the earth and being unapologetically me. I am able to do that because I took the time out to be introspective and know who I am. I am a daughter of a KING, I am an encourager, I am a talker, I am positive, I love helping others, I am beyond grateful to be a mother and a wife to a God fearing man, I understand my first ministry is my home and I honor that, I love and honor my extended family, I know my purpose is to uplift, I am a woman of GOD.

The main point of today’s message is to trust GOD and HIS process. Have a great attitude through all of life’s twist and turns never losing the lesson. This one thing I know for sure, you never fail a test GOD has for you because you will just keep taking the test until you pass. Part of passing is to not let the little distractions of the day take you off course because that’s exactly what the adversary wants. The adversary will use little things and wrong perceptions to blur our vision. Trust GOD through the process, yield to HIM. Talk to your FATHER ask HIM to make things plain for you, simply put make GOD first and take time out for HIM.

Everyone who walks with the LORD experiences the same kind of process. The bible, our instruction manual for life is full of examples of why we should trust GOD. “The God of peace will himself sanctify me completely” (1 Thessalonians 5:23). The LORD who began the process of sanctification in us will bring it to completion. We have to press onward with the war of sin and continue in our faith and in repentance, by trusting the process with our best efforts and worst failures. Remember that sanctification is a team effort. Sanctification is a process that began with GOD and will be completed by God. Hebrews 10:24 “let us help each other to love each other and do good.”


Lord, I believe that you saved my soul; help me trust that you have made me whole. Lord, I believe that you hear my prayers; help me trust that your answer is best. Lord, I trust that you created the mountains; help me trust that you can move them. Please forgive my failures and increase my ability to give you everything. Thank you, in Jesus name Amen.

In HIS loving Service,

Afua R. Jones

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